Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter this year was very last minute, literally everything came together in about 2 hours or less. But the one thing taht we did have planned was to take Emmaliese her Easter basket early in the morning. The whole family got together and we went to visit our angel and to decorate her grave ( we are still in the process of getting her a headstone) and to take her the two easter baskets. One from her daddy her sister and muslef and the other one from my sister Laura her husband and their baby Isabella. We spent about an hour with her, and it was bittersweet because honestly here we are celebrating easter with our baby girl at her grave when we would have given anything to have her home with us. And to top it all off Emmaliese would have turned 4 months on Easter.Anywho we got some really nice pictures of us spending Easter with her. And after that we had brunch and the started getting things ready like crazy because we had family coming over. We did the usual BBQ and we had the kids open their baskets and while they did that we had other family members hid the eggs for the kids. Nathalia was super excited since she found 54 eggs,she was the top egg finder!!! So all in all Easter sunday was a good day, I managed to only cry a few times. Hope everyone had a good Easter!! *****Warning picture overload coming up******
A close up of Emmaliese's cross all decked out in Easter stuff.

Emmaliese basket, Minnie's tummy smells like chocolate!

My girls baskets.

Nathalia <3

My husband, Nathalia and I.

Nathalia and my beautiful niece Isabella. I love this pic! I know that
Nathalia would have been a great sister!

She found another one!


  1. Beautiful Pictures!!! ((Hugs))

  2. It looks like you had a beautiful and peaceful Easter! The pictures are beautiful. xoxo

    1. Thank you, it was very peaceful and you could feel all the love while we were visiting Emmaliese. xoxoxo