Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1 in 4 and 25%

I have been meaning to write this post since last week but for some reason I have been putting it off but since Easter came and went and I have some really nice pictures I thought I should stop being a lazy butt and get to it since I want to share our Easter pictures with you all.

So here goes...As you know in a previous post I told you how we had gotten our test result and had an appointment with a genetic counselor on May 14th and how it felt like forever till that day. Well two things have happened since then (well a lot actually but 2 that have to do with that post) One is that on Friday I got a call telling us that there had been a cancellation and that if we wanted to we could be seen earlier. Of course I said we would take it, so now our appointment is next Monday April you can imagine I'm scared, nervous and anxious.....especially since this is the second thing; while reading a blog I came upon a couple who were also dealing with Surfactant Deficiency ABCA3 and they both were carriers just like my husband and I. And they were told that they had a 1 in 4 chance of this mutation happening in every pregnancy. Yup 25%. They have decided to go thru invitro or adoption since sadly they have lost two beautiful babies to this deficiency. So now I'm left wondering what should we do? What will we do? Will our counselor tell us something different? Will we have a higher risk? We have already been blessed with one healthy, beautiful, super intelligent daughter should we just be happy and content with her. Even though she wants another baby brother or sister.And so do I, I want to be someone else mommy! I have been told that if we do decide to try again at 10weeks gestation I can get tested to see if the baby has this mutation or not. But then comes the question if this baby does have it what then? Do I terminate, because honestly am I strong enough to go thru the whole pregnancy and in the end have the same result as with Emmaliese? I think part of me is getting ahead of the situation we still haven't gone to our appointment we don't know what the genetic doctor will tell us. But part of me whats to be prepared. I'm scared to be told that we cant have anymore babies. I will keep you updated on how our appointment went. Wish us good luck!!

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