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The last Two Years Part 2

The Last Two Years Part 2

January 2013- Was another hard one. We celebrated Emmaliese’s 1st Angelversary. Man did time go by fast and at the same time slow. I couldn’t believe that it had been a year since we laid our angel to rest. I couldn't believe that I had survived a year of first that would never really be celebrated.  We had a celebration for her, we invited everyone that had been with us and showed us support during this difficult time to a balloon release where we attached messages from everyone that joined us. And then dinner at our house.  It was our way of thanking everyone and of honoring Emmaliese.

Thank you to each and everyone that supported us and was there for us during this difficult time,
We will always be in debt to all of you. 

We stayed till we lost sight of all the balloons <3

February 23, 2013- I finally got my tattoo in honor of my angel!It is her pink bow that she always wore while she was in the hospital. It was a very peaceful time for me. The whole time I was getting it done I kept thinking of her. And it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Can't wait for my next tattoo :-)


You'll be in my heart always Emmaliese <3 <3

April 27th 2013- We again celebrated Nathalia’s 6th Birthday. This year we had a Cowgirl theme, with pony rides and all.  We count her birthdays as a blessing every year we get to celebrate her being with us and getting the opportunity to watch her grow. In a way it solidifies that we are here and are blessed to have each other. More on Nathalia and her birthday parties in a post that will be all about her :-)

June 2013- Nathalia graduated Kindergarten! And we could not be any more proud of her. She has turned out to be a star student. She is now also done with the 1st grade (May 2014) and had perfect attendance the whole year and was on the honor roll all year long. Her teacher said she wished all her students were like her J

Very proud of our sunshine!

December 2013- On Dec. 8th we celebrated Emmaliese’s 2nd birthday. This day tends to be hard because I should have a two year old and instead of throwing her a birthday party we take flowers to her grave. But we do it with so much love! We want her to always know that we love and miss her.

 Also in December my baby sister got married by church. Its always nice to end the year with a happy occasion.  I thought I had pictures of her wedding but I guess I don't I will look for some and share them.We also had a great Christmas and New Year!


At end of 2013 we were very hopeful for the future, unknown to most friends and some family and Nathalia I was 3 months pregnant. Sadly at 5 months we lost our son. I will go into more detail about our second loss in a future post. I still have to catch you up on the happy moments that we had in 2014.

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