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The Last Two Years Part 3

The Last Two Years Part 3

We are now in 2014- and what a year it has been!

January 2014-We spent Emmaliese’s 2nd Angelversary with just family this year. We took her flowers and spent some time there with her. I think its starting to get a little easier, at least I hope so. And as hard as it is to believe I forgot to take pictures of us. As weird as it sounds I don't feel like I have to document every time we visit her or do something in her honor and I can actually just sit there and talk to her and enjoy being her mommy. January was a sad month for us in more one way and in the next day or so I will go into detail about the loss of our son that also happened in late January. 
I wrote this for Emmaliese to share on my FB and Instragram accounts. 

On February 17th, my husband turned the big 30! We celebrated with some yummy ice cream cake :-)
Happy birthday my love! I look forward to celebrating many more years with you! You are the best hubby and father anyone could ask for! We are lucky to have you!!!

In April we celebrated Nathalia’s 7th birthday, we had a Luau Theme and surprised the birthday girl with a live performance of Hula Dancers. We also baptized my nephew, Leonardo. We are very grateful to be his godparents.

Happy 7th Birthday Nathalia!!! we are so blessed to be your parents!
Our Godson Leonardo.

Memorial Day Weekend 2014 we took a mini family vacation to Disneyland! So much fun! Nathalia loves rides! She had me go on all of them with her. The hubby isn’t a big fan of certain rides hahaha. 

The Speed Racer ride was awesome!!! we went on it twice!!!

I loved seeing how happy she was and how excited she got to every time she saw anything she really liked!

Daddy would NOT get on the teacup ride for anything lol. This is the closest he got to going on it.  If you have been to Disneyland you know that this is the tea cup they have for pictures by the ride lol

But he did get on the Dumbo ride! Yay!!

Look who we ran into! 

Daddy stood in line for 2.5 hours, we are some very lucky girls!

On our last day, Nathalia didn't want to leave, neither did we.

On the tea cup ride, the real one haha

Front row for the fireworks!!

And she is out! Not even on the freeway and she was fast asleep.

July 4th 2014- The whole fam bam got together at my brother in laws and celebrated with our own fireworks. We BBQed and had a good time :-) 

Lighting a sparkler for her sister Emmaliese <3

Nathalia with her cousins watching the fireworks.

Fun with the Sparklers :-)

We are pretty much up to date…..there will be a post about Nathalia and her dancing and a few more pictures of her birthdays and her year in first grade J  as well as a post about a sad event that we went through in January of this year.

I hope that this little run down has kept you all in touch with what we have been up to in the last two and a half years.

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