Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day and I can't celebrate it with you, at least not the way I want to. I have to settle for giving you balloons by placing them on your grave. I would rather be celebrating it with having you in my arms and placing kisses all over your cute little face. You are loved and miss so much! Happy Valentine's Day my sweet baby angel, I'm sure you are having a party of your own in heaven.

 Last night I was in the kitchen and your sister came up to me looking sad and said I miss Emmaliese. It broke my heart! I picked her up gave her a big hug and told her that I missed you too, but that you will always be with us. That we have so many pictures of you and we have your doll, your lion that is still wearing its little bow, and blankets that even today still carry your wonderfull clean baby scent.And that you will always be with her, watching over her.
Later while we were all at the dinner table, you asked us all "Do you guys miss my baby sister Emmaliese?" Once again my heart broke. So today after I pick her up from school we are going to take you a balloon she really wanted you to have.
From:Your big sister.

Today when your daddy was getting ready to leave for work he came into the kitchen to get his lunch and he gave me a hug and I broke down and cried. I miss you so much. After he left I went into our closet and sat down on the floor with all of your pictures and cried. I cried for what could have been. For all the holidays, birthdays and special events that I won't be able to celebrate with you. My arms litterally ached because I wanted to hold you so bad. Today everyone is celebrating love and friendships and you know what in my own way so am I. I celebrate all the love you gave me and not just the month and one week that I had with you but all the love that I will have for you and all the love that I know you have for your daddy, sister and me. You will always be LOVED!!!!!

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