Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lots to do

Haven't really felt like writing much......but today after a quick trip to Micheal's I realized that I have a few project to do to keep me busy and to help me deal.  So I present to you my To Do List/Projects:

1. Make final plans for Nathalia's 5th birthday Party- Last year my little girl was very into the Disney Princess, we went all Princess on her birthday decorations, cake etc......This year she wants, drum roll please.......Power Rangers Samurai. So I have to get on it since we only have 62 days till her party.

2. Emmaliese's shadowbox and scrapbook: I need to gather and organize all the things that I want to include in both....I have never done a scrapbook so any advice will be welcomed. I alreasdy saw the shadowbox I want just need to buy it hehe.

3.Nathalia's scarpbook: I already have the book and most of her pictures in order. Trying to fit from birth till now in one book. Will I be able to? Or I might have to seperate her 3rd birthday and baptism in one since we celebrated both together.

4. And last but not least get a new bedroom set and redecorate our bedroom. Paint and all.

This post is random for to all who read my blog...please ask me frequently how my projects are coming along, I tend to put things off hehehe. Another random thought, while talking to my husband I told him I hate Sundays, see we said goodbye to Emmaliese on a Sunday but then it hit me Nathalia was born on a Sunday. What do you all think about that?

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